Tessellate is a boutique digital business transformation agency with global reach. With an ecosystem of subject matter experts at hand, we add a healthy dose of creativity to traditional advisory methods, making us quicker, more agile and pragmatic than the "big guys". Through our swift collaborative approach, we help organisations optimise and innovate to better navigate change.

Let us help you unlock the power of digital business and organisational design, build your own ecosystem strategy and create your unique transformation playbook.

Why Tessellate?

Forgive us for pointing out the obvious, but technology is changing; the world is changing; business is changing. So why would you remain the same?

Maybe you know you need to change something, but you're not sure what or how.

Or perhaps you have ideas and projects, maybe you've tried and not quite achieved the sought-after results.

In today's context, organisations of all sizes and across all sectors need to re-evaluate their existing models to:

- Develop new revenue streams
- Embrace innovation
- Build ecosystems of partners
- Reduce risk
- Identify opportunities and address disruption directly
- Optimise operations and processes
- Measure performance
- Enhance the customer journey and experience
- Master different scenarios and timing

Areas of expertise

We help you make impactful change where it matters.
Tessellate's areas of expertise include:
Business, strategy & leadership
Design and alignment in context
Process enhancement and performance measurement (metrics & KPIs)
Metrics, KPIs, benchmarking and utilising these effectively.
Organisational and operational excellence
Bespoke optimisation leveraging established best practices
Scenario planning, change & risk management
Contextual roadmapping anticipating variables
Capabilities, ecosystem & innovation strategy
Devising the most efficient and effective ways forward for your business
Systems and new technology implementation
Including RFP support and vendor qualification and selection

How we deliver

The world is changing, and your organisation needs to act quickly developing new business models, acquiring new capabilities, creating new products/services, adopting new technologies, measuring impacts and value…

That's why we provide swift, targeted 12-week engagements so you see results quickly. Together we agree on the SOW, bring the right people to the table and roll up our sleeves together to produce a unique playbook adapted to your context.

Get in touch to explore how we can help.

*In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we've adapted to fully online services.
Salons explore new ideas, look at old ideas from new angles and uncover opportunities and value. They question what we know, what we do, and how we do it, stimulating creative thinking to unlock innovation and enhance business development. In a volatile world, how do you keep up, or better yet, stay ahead? Through synergy and by thinking differently, that's how!

Moving from exploration, discovery and ideation, curated workshops address alignment, planning and implementation, paving the way to new business excellence.

Workshops and salons empower individuals and teams. It's about transparency, collaboration and efficiency. This is where we get stuck into creating robust, feasible and viable action plans!
Our unique executive courses in Digital Ecosystem Management and Digital Business and Innovation Leadership, cover necessary traits, mindsets, methods, models and actions that characterise exemplary agile leadership of successful digital businesses.Tessellate shares best practices based on first-hand experiences and observation.

Sign up for the Fundamentals of Digital Ecosystem Management Course (in partnership with Informa Connect) now.
To better guide you through what can at times seem like a labyrinth, we continuously develop tools with partners, keeping pace with constant innovation and evolution. We develop our own models and also adapt existing templates, canvases and architectures tailoring them to the context at hand.

Some of these tools are used during Tessellate salons, workshops, advisory and training. For information and specific needs please reach out to us at hello@tessellate-advisory.com

Tessellate comprises a worldwide ecosystem of partners providing a wealth of diverse experience and expertise and offering a NEW view of business, innovation and value in a connected environment.

Our core values include authenticity, respect, dedication and confidentiality.
Craig Bachmann
Craig has provided executive management and professional services enabling Digital Services, working with Enterprises (from start-ups to Global 100's) as a Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Consultant for over 40 years. He has led the development of innovative Operational and Business information systems, GIS, Location intelligence, digital media, and patented network infrastructure works including a data transformation and interoperability product. Craig advises the TM Forum and has led the Internet of Everything, Digital Business, and Applied Innovation Program that collaboratively develops Enabling Technology, Business and Technology Architectures, and Ecosystem Best Practices including open API's, and toolkits for Industry Digital Ecosystem and Application Areas such as the Internet of Things, Smart City, Smart Energy, and Digital Health. Craig has supported strategic transformation programs with a number of Industries including Cable/Media, Telecom, Energy/Utilities, Music, and Government.
Thandi Demanet
Thandi holds qualifications in business communications and design, translation and interpreting, but it's her innate curiosity and creative problem-solving skills that led her to the world of digital business. She has worked with the likes of Orange, Verizon, Airtel, Ericsson, Huawei, Microsoft… as well as with tier 2 and 3 regional players and innovative start-ups. She enjoys working with a global ecosystem of experts specialising in mission, strategy, organisation and process optimization, metrics & KPIs, ecosystems and innovation. She firmly believes in the potential of digital to improve lives, societies and the planet, and that there is an abundance of business opportunities around this.

Our approach

We practice what we preach! We believe in collaboration, synergy and commitment to learn, lead and succeed though being:

We observe, engage, analyse and assess while generating a cohesive team environment working to a common objective.

Although we leverage industry best practices, help translate these in line with your unique business context and goals setting specific targets to relevant benchmarks.

We use existing, reusable tools, models, … tailor them and develop new ones to address particular requirements and reach value creating outcomes.

Because no area of business functions in a silo, we understand that more often that not, we will need to venture a bit beyond the strict scope of work as we endeavour to provide the most value to your business.

Given the current circumstances, we've adjusted to provide fully online engagements (still 12 weeks). We remain convinced that nothing replaces the magic that happens when people come together, and look forward to being able to be face-to-face with our clients again, but in the meantime, we've adapted to the situation and continue to help your company transform too!

"[…] in innovation many people are talking and discussing, but they are not able to drill it down, to bring it to the point and to create building blocks including clear action points. Your team has made innovation happen for us, your reality check was very helpful for us and we got a lot of value from these workstreams. It is always fruitful to work together with international experts like you, who are established in the market. […]
They bring a different perspective that is fresh and pragmatic."
Juergen Hase
CEO, Unlimit (a Reliance company) & entrepreneur
"Craig and Thandi bring experience and understanding to Tesselate Advisory. They've been key to unpacking the opportunities in digital ecosystems and the use of digital technologies like IoT, Blockchain and Open APIs to successfully help enterprises with business model transformation and new monetization strategies. As pioneers of digital ecosystem management, their success in helping to breakdown problems into solutions based on reusable components has been phenomenal, helping [create] breakthrough management of new engagement models, and reference architectures for digital enterprises and services."
Emmanuel Otchere
VP Technology Introduction & Industry Development, Chief Architect, Service Architecture Design & Technology Planning, Huawei
"The Tessellate Team has provided us with numerous actionable insights around e.g. Ecosystems and Platform Business models whilst connecting us quickly to the right parties in the field for testing our assumptions thoroughly."
Erik Meijer
SVP Europe, Mach49
"Tessellate advisors combine traditional and agile methodologies in their approach offering both established business foundations and cutting edge solutions. It's clear they have significant experience, demonstrated in their ability to generate insights which they adeptly use in helping to improve value creation and operative performance."
Client, Cable, North America

Tess cares

Tess is Tessellate Advisory's conscience personified. She's a sensitive, do-gooder type. She sees us travel the world (pre-Covid-19 that is!) and interact with so many different individuals and organisations. She encourages us to recognise and be grateful for all we have and experience, and nudges us to share our good fortune.

We believe business should improve lives, societies and ideally help our planet (or at least not harm it). That's why, wherever we are, we seek to support small, local enterprises and worthy initiatives, while enhancing the experience for you and your broader team.

Where possible, we prefer to swap windowless conference rooms for breezy terraces or inspiring surroundings and share a hike, exhibition or cooking class instead of stuffy networking drinks. We work with you to find the best fit and adapt to online constraints too.
IoTONE; Industrial IoT
IoT ONE helps companies realise opportunities and manage threats created by digitalization through providing insight and implementation services in Industrial IoT.
Informa Connect

Informa's network of events, intelligence and scholarly publishing connects specialists with knowledge, helping them learn more, know more and do more. Informa Connect provides businesses in the MENA region with a portfolio of programmes to meet learning and upskilling needs, offered as Face-to-Face, Live Online, self-paced Online and even blended formats. Informa is a FTSE 100 listed company with over 11 000 employees in more than 30 countries.
Tr3Dent's Transformation Accelerator is built to strategically manage the life-cycle of complex business models and ecosystems that deliver new and innovative digital services. Since 2014, Tr3dent has been working with large enterprises across four continents to help them achieve their digital transformation strategies.
Independent Partners
Tessellate works with a large number of independent subject matter experts across the world to bring additional targeted expertise to address specific client challenges. This ecosystem of partners is continuously growing.
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